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Who AM I..

I am just a girl, who swiped right on an app. Yep, you heard me, I met my husband on Tinder. We dated, fell in love, planned a wedding, and here we are. 

I loved planning our wedding. I remember pinning and hash tagging and posting everyday for our 4 month engagement [I know, so short]. One of those days Scott [my husband] told me my feed looked like pretty throw up. There was just so much pretty! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED! Not sure, Scott meant as a compliment, but it definitely was one. I wanted our day to be remembered pretty, full of family, memories and love! That is where we came up with the name "Remember Me Pretty".

Now, I want to help others have as much fun as I did; letting Remember Me Petty take on the behind the scenes efforts. My goal is to help you create a day with pretty details, unique design features; making it all accessible at your finger tips! 

At Remember Me Pretty we know your date is special. Let us know how we can help make your day remembered pretty! 

Talk soon - Maggie Jean

P.S. we love to travel - pac man - ice cream - our church - family - plants - hiking - Disney - boardgames - wedding season - 

[not in that order, of course...]